Zlatoust Watch Factory

Manufacturing capabilities

Customized watches
Customized watches

The factory’s technical facilities allow the craftsmen to brand and engrave watches and stopwatches with the customer’s symbols (logos, photos, dedicatory inscriptions, etc.) that can be placed on the dial and on the case.


Manufacturing capabilities of the factory allow to produce a wide range of various parts:

  • Parts made of thermosetting polymers (phenoplasts, aminoplasts and others) on hydraulic presses and thermoset moulding machines.
  • Parts made of thermoplastics (ABS, polystyrene and others) on thermoplastic moulding machines of 2-250 cm3 shot capacity and clamping force of up to 160 tf.
  • Parts made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals using cold forming technique on forming presses of 0.5-100 ft force, including automatic presses.
  • Complex solid-of-revolution type metal parts made out of workpieces of up to 10 mm in diameter on bar-fed Swiss type lathes.
  • Brass and steel fillister head screws as per GOST 1491-80 Standard and countersunk screws as per GOST 17475-80 Standard with threads from M 0.5 to M 1.6 and various small-sized rivets.
  • Sets of contacts for instrument engineering with elastic elements made of beryllium bronze and bimetal contacts.

The factory has an electroplating room where metal objects are covered with protective-decorative coating:

  • Zinc plating of metal goods and other steel parts weighing up to 0.5 kg in bell-shaped baths and of large-sized parts (up to 250x500x250 mm) in still-plating baths.
  • Decorative and durable chrome plating of steel and copper alloy parts.
  • Durable electroless nickel plating of steel parts.
  • Decorative bright nickel plating of steel and copper alloy parts.
  • Chemical oxidation of steel parts.
  • Chemical passivation of copper and copper alloy parts.
  • Painting of three-dimensional configuration parts with powder enamel.
Stamping dies for parts
Stamping dies for parts

The ZWF has special-purpose equipment that is necessary for producing stamping dies for parts in compliance with all the technological requirements:

  • Blanking, forming, dinking and bending dies.
  • Cold forming technique for parts manufacturing.
  • Up to 3 mm thick three-dimensional configurations.
  • Dimensions of up to 65x65x65 mm.

Factory workers have vast experience in producing moulds based on either the customer’s or standard specifications.

  • Moulds for casting of thermoplastics of up to 150x150x50 mm in size.
  • Moulds for compression moulding of thermosetting polymer parts of up to 150x150x50 mm in size.
Machines and tools
Machines and tools

In-house manufacturing and a wide range of machinery consisting of the most modern equipment allow the factory specialists to complete orders for production of metalworking tools and machinery in a short time frame and on a high quality level.

  • Production of machine retaining devices for Swiss type lathes (collets, rests for workpieces from 0.5 mm in diameter).
  • Production of cutting tools for metalworking in instrument making and precision mechanics (hob cutters and involute gear cutters of 12-30 in diameter and 0.15-0.7 mm in module, reamers for holes of less than 1.4 mm in diameter, pipe dies for threads from M 0.5 to M 1.6, taps for threads from M 0.5 to M 1.6, countersinks from 2 mm in diameter).