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Zlatoust Clock Factory
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Production / Stopwatches / Stopwatch СОПпр -7а-3-000 (medical device)

Stopwatch СОПпр -7а-3-000 (medical device)

Stopwatch СОПпр -7а-3-000 (medical device)
This device can be fitted into inhaling anaesthetic systems, systems of artificial respiration and it can be used on its own in medicine practice.
Range of measuring pulse frequency 35...200
Range of measuring breath frequency 7...80
Range of measuring time 1...60
Admissible error for measuring of 60-second periods, sec ±0,4
Number of pulsation for one measuring of pulse frequency 30
Number of breath cycles for one measuring of breath frequency 60
Working temperature range, °С +10...+35
Overall dimensions, mm 86х78х22
Mass, kg 0,2