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Production / Divers watch / Divers watch 193ChS,195ChS

Divers watch 193ChS,195ChS

Divers watch 193ChS,195ChS

The Watches 193ChS, 195ChS continue the series storied watches with postwar
design 192ChS.
The Watches 193ChS,195ChS are made with use of the same technologies and
material, as beside 192ChS.
The reduced size and weight these hours allow to use them for everyday
The location of the head may be on the left or on the right.

Case: stainless steel.
Case diameter: 53 mm ( for 193ChS), 46mm (for 195ChS).

May be case  titanium and zirconium.

Weight: not more than 0,20 kg.
The digits on the dial are covered non-radioactive luminous mass.
The movement: Vostok 2415.
Type: mechanical lever movement automatic wound. Diameter: 24 mm.
Jewels: 31.
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds. Shock protection.
Daily rate from -30 to + 30 s/day. Power reserve minimum: 29 h.

Opened a Department for the sale of diving watches. The possibility of payment cards.Address:"Sewing World" - Moscow , Leningradskoe shosse, d. 3, p. 1. m. "Sokol"          tel +7 499 158-69-95

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