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Production / Clock / Table clock 188 ЧБН "Present - 13"

Table clock 188 ЧБН "Present - 13"

Table clock 188 ЧБН "Present - 13"
The clock case is black, round and metallic. The support is made of a decorative brass casting, which is fixed on a natural stone parallelepiped. This parallelepiped is fixed on four brass decorative legs. There is an angel figure on the top of the clock. Overall dimensions are 220x80 mm.

All clocks with 15 ruby jewel movement is provided with spring actuator, lever escapement and balance - hairspring oscillatory system.

The clock is winded up by rotating the winding ring to the left.

This ring is situated on the back of the clock.

Putting the clock on or back can be done by rotating the winding head, which is situated in the middle of the back clock case.

Accuracy class2
Period of oscillation, sec0,4
Average daily error, sec±50
Period of running of the clock after the complete winding of the mainspring, 24-hour periods10
The calibre of the mechanism, mm42